Saturday, October 24, 2009

Since I need to post something, howzabout some funny friends' videos?

Forget it that it's funny, but Mr. J. Chris Newberg's "Morningwood" could air on pretty much any decent college station:

And my new BFF, the adorable and funny Jordan Elizabeth:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why is a public service "socialism" only when you object to it?: Non Sequitur of the Day

I'd been thinking along these lines, and then Nicholas Kristoff wrote it in the NYT:

"If they object so passionately to “socialized health,” why don’t they block their 911 service to socialized police and fire services, disconnect themselves from socialized sewers and avoid socialized interstate highways?"

And this. . . this. . . is so hi-larious:

There's a fine line between smarmy hypocrisy and bat-shit crazy

We've mentioned in the past an animus toward the Republican wingut Congressman from Detroit's western suburbs, Thaddeus McCotter.

While he touts his supposed deficit hawkishness (to various degrees of failure), his new deficit building initiative is "HAPPY."

"HAPPY" is proposed to be an annual $3,500 per household deduction for pet expenses.

Now, I love my pets to an extreme, and I certainly respect understand pandering for votes on the backs of a huge special interest group.

However, this kind of political hypocrisy is just . . . a bitch. Get it? Ahhh-hahahahahaha.

Cheers to NPR's ATC for the lead. Thad's interview pandering follows:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: Football Phrase Co-opting Edition

As we've discussed, words mean something. So, it always interests me when a usage seemingly comes out of nowhere to be everywhere.

Today's example: "Pick six."

The phrase originally meant this.

And it has now begun to mean this.

(An all-too-rare Detroit Lions' example can be found here).

Happy Dual Purpose Holiday: Who knew that turkeys were Italian?

To my fellow Americans -- especially on the East Coast, and super especially, Italians on the East Coast (though this suggests you might want to re-think that) -- Happy Columbus Day.

To my fellow North Americans my near and dear Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving.

Alas, without access to Canuckian cable, we in The D can no longer watch the traditional holiday CFL doubleheader games.

So, back to work, eh?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If all dogs didn't go to heaven, this one would head the line

One of our two dogs, Buster, died yesterday.

It sucks, but like all loves, the rewards were absolutely worth the costs and unavoidable risk of inevitable separation.

I hope the start of Buster's time off this mortal coil is an entertaining as this take from "All Dogs Go To Heaven."


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Had a Good Reason to Miss the UM-ND Game, but I Can At Least Get Propagandized

The well-produced opening montage to yesterday's game, which I'm sure all 110,000-plus attendees listened to raptly:

[Edit: I took out the embed, because the music bed under automatic video launch was frickin' annoying, so here's the link.}

Go Blue!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: I Want Money Edition, Part 6

"Money, it's a gas /

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash /

New car, caviar, four star daydream /

Think I'll buy me a football team."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: I Want Money Edition, Part Deux

"Money makes the world go around . . . "

Stumbling onto a Blog Brings Two Fiunny-ish Finds

I love working and hanging with comedians: not only funny, they're typically super-smart. So, I'm happy to have found, and pass along, "The Comic's Comic" blog, which covers and comments on breaking news in the comedy world. Two of its recent articles were:

1. Comedian and cancer patient Steven Mazan plays Letterman after lobbying and working to get on.

2. Saturday Night Live cut two cast members, Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson.

When I mentioned the firings to my wife, she responded, "bet it was the big girl" (i.e. Casey).

She nailed it.

Now, as you can see from her prescient, whistling past the graveyard video below, Casey is anything but fat. But whether her appearance had anything to do with anything -- and size-ism toward women is the only prejudice still openly tolerable in America (can you imagine a woman on TV ever out of shape as Chris Farley?) -- it seems like Casey was just unable to cut through the cacophony that is the SNL creative process.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Peacock Does Strut, Even Without Reason

To re-join its use of the classic Peacock Logo, NBC is starting the new season by bringing back the old positioner, too.

Even if they're abdicating five hours of sciprted creativity a week, that is cool.

A flashback taste of the future:

There Have Been Popes Named Alexander, Y'know

I touched on Ted Kennedy's human fallibility last week in the wake of his death, and suggested that true Christians -- those who don't let their politics get in their way of their "faith" -- would forgive the man in death for his human failings while on Earth.

Well, it turns out the Senator was thinking along those lines, too, by way of a letter to the Pope seeking forgiveness, which was hand-delivered by his President.

And the Pope, it turns out, forgave him.

So, Winguts: what's your excuse now?

Non Sequitur of the Day: Wanna Go to Cedar Point Edition

"Love Rollercoaster," by Dayton's own Ohio Players:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Non Sequiturs of the Day: "State" v. "Repose"

It used to be that important deceased governmental figures, like Sen. Ted Kennedy, would "lie in state" while mourners paid their respects.

Apparently, the favored MSM term has become "lie in repose."

Interesting. Perhaps when you as a media outlet have to write to an audience's sub-high school reading level, you get your jollies by sounding swanky as often as possible.

Also, the Senator will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery to join some important neighbors who lie amongst our honored fallen: his brothers, of course . . . and my father.

Slacker Friday Cover of the Week: "Can't Get No Relief" Edition

Hendrix covering Dylan at the the Isle of Wight, 1970.

"There are many here among us /

Who feel that life is but a joke."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: Kennedy Family Edition

A very cool Jack Kennedy clip reel:

Amidst Media Inanity, R.I.P. Ted Kennedy

Wearing my talk radio hat, I was lucky enough to shake hands with Ted Kennedy a few years ago, just before he got sick. (No pictures, alas.) Digesting the media obituaries regarding the late, great Senior Senator from Massachusetts, I am consistently amazed at the editorial choices which were made while covering the great man's life:

  • Amidst all the thousands of hours of wasting television "news" coverage of OJ, the Buttafucos, John and Kate and all such similarly inane crap, why did we never know Kennedy was such good friends with Republicans, like Orrin Hatch? All sorts of talking heads know enough to speak glowingly of it, but why wasn't that personal behavior covered over the years decades that our politics have become so polarized? Why couldn't that be role modeling for kids to observe on TV, instead of types like the Gosselins and the Hiltons?

  • Finally, Joe Scarborough keeps suggesting this one particular 1990 GQ takeout story on Kennedy as being a turning point in his life. Perhaps, but, Joe, was that the only magazine article you've ever read?
And, now, what a wonderful (totally memorized) coda to a great life:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is "Radio Glory" an Oxymoron, especially in Detroit?

Even with the last name mis-spelling, it's nice to be remembered fondly for my efforts -- on-air efforts! -- at 89X.

Also, FYI, the picture is scan of the original "The Cutting Edge" bumper sticker, which I've not been able to find elsewhere online and fished out of my desk drawer archives. Unfortunately, the neon orange 88.7 and Edge parts aren't showing up too well, but it's so very early '90's, no?

Some Rationalizations Are Just Evergreens

"I was just following orders."


Now, on more local scale.


In a politically divided country, this is all quite tricky and potentially sticky, looking to criminalize the actions of CIA agents when under the management of a bunch of malicious doofuses will only be further divisive.

I still think going the truth and reconciliation commission route would be the best for all concerned. Facing the truth with no political gain on the line -- even if only perceived -- would truly be Change to believe in.

Word of the Day: "Homicide" is a Medical Term?

Continuing in the "words have meaning" theme from yesterday, it has been ruled that the unfortunate death of Michael Jackson was a homicide.

Interesting, but looking up the word "homicide" on the Internets gives every indication that it is a word indigenous to the practice of law, not medicine, let alone forensics. I thought medical examiners determined what killed someone, and that it was up to the legal system to determine who, for instance, put deady chemicals into the body of a the deceased.

I have friends who are prosecutors and judges who I love dearly, but this is a teeny-tiny shift in, if not the legal burden of proof, then the war for public opinion.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Because A Loser Tool's on TV Doesn't Make Him a "Star"

The horrifying domestic violence death Jasmine Fiore is despicable in and of itself.

The coverage of the case, though the stakes are markedly lower, is in context almost as despicable on some notable levels:

1. Words mean something. So Jasmine's scumbag ex-quickie husband, Ryan Jennings, was in no way a "star," even if he was a particpant or contestant on contrived, lame-ass VH1 reality shows. And the young lady, while a model, may or may not even have posed for Playboy.

2. How exactly does someone become so unhinged that he thinks up so many ways to cover up his murder of someone he loved, instead of thinking up ways to make money other than charming a vacuous, gold-digging Playboy model in front of cameras?

3. While watching train-wreck reality shows satisfies the same voyeurism we possess when we slow down to watch a freeway accident, what exactly is it going to take to realize that putting idiot assholes (sometimes, perhaps. 'roided up) in close proximity with attractive, vulnerable women is going to create a serious, likely violent, problem?

Does not anyone remember the "Jenny Jones case" right here in beautiful Oakland County, Michigan? Or Network, for that matter?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Follow-up on My High School Journalism Class

This past Spring, mentioning the passing of my Grosse Pointe North High School journalism teacher, I noted the degree of achievement that our relatively small class achieved. Thanks to the kind cross-post by the good Prof. Mark Osler and the comments he and I received (including re-visiting the obvious "Lex was a geek") , I would be remiss to never post what I missed the first time, and what I've heard about since.

The good:
  • Tim Saunders is the radio play-by-play voice of the Philadelphia Flyers.
The not-as-good:
Life. Y'know?

How 'Bout Them Cowboys' Ground Rule Doubles in Football?

Not satisfied with being the NFL owner who (now) looks most like Katherine Hepburn, Jerry Jones pushed beyond all sense of propriety in the realm of sports' proper place in the social order (especially now in the midst of Depression v 2.0) by spending more than a billion dollars on the temple that is the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium.

Now that the stadium is open, it took all of one game for a punter to hit the TV screens hanging above the field, a problem which owner doesn't intend to fix, and which you should probably begin to think is cool.

The evidence:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Damn, I Couldn't Get A Mullet Grown In 8 Days

Last Saturday: Woodward Dream Cruise. (Right)

Tonight: Bristol night race, beeee-yotches!

Bristol under the lights is arguably the most entertaining NASCAR race -- hell, any motorsports race, anywhere -- of the year, especially in the dog days of late August.

Swear to God, it's the closest thing I know of to a real-life Rollerball:

Non Sequitur of the Day: No Drinks Before Health Care Bill Markup Session Edition

"Getting all wee-weed up."

Attempted explanations here, here and here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Slacker Friday Cover of the Day (for Kit!): "Hollaback Boy"

This one goes out to Kit. . .

The hilarious "Hollaback Boy," by Cobra Starship:

Cutesy Grammatical MacGuffins for Recent Blog Fail Explanation

After a month-plus of doing everything -- or, from another perspective, nothing -- to undermine any reader interest or momentum in my little page here (though I was able to keep up a bit on my Twitter page), I am now able to man up and (sort of) explain WTF happened in the following fashion:

  • If a blog crashes and burns on The Internets (however temporarily), does it make a sound? Turn Catholic? Shit in the woods (or the water)?
No, the blogger in question instead recognizes that the new prescription medicine one was given to brighten one's mood instead quickly and unexpectedly darkened it dramatically, while also promptly rendering said blogger's ability to do anything work- or writing-related non-existent (other than the decidedly non-profit Twittering). Personal and professional sturm und drang und embarrassment and anxiety ensued, and after discontinuing said medication (and doing some research and proceeding more naturally), a new day has emerged, mitigation of the fallout has commenced, and it will continue.

Hey, life happens.

From my 2009 Dalai Lama quotes calendar: "When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

Bad Company should re-cut "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy" into "Game Show Fantasy"

Following are two examples of nightmares day terrors that I've been having the past week:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lyric of the Day: Where the Hell have you been, Lex? Edition

So, when you're super-busy (a very good thing in Michigan these days, mind you), what's that called?

"Both ends burning /

And I can't control . . . "

Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't be hung up by "Hung"

If you haven't seen "Hung" yet, you should on Sundays. Not only is it made in Detroit, but it has a great and funny take on American ennui, both sexual and not.

It's only about sex the way "The Sopranos" was only about the Mob.

Disco Sucked, except when hating it was a good career move

One of the most notorious (and entertaining) moments in Detroit Tigers history, and, especially, the Chicago White Sox, was Disco Demolition Night, at old Comiskey Field on July 12, 1979. Legendary Detroit and Chicago radio guy Steve Dahl was behind it, and reminisces on the eve of its 30th anniversary:

And Keith Olbermann took a look back on the 25th Anniversary:

The bottom line is that the Tigers won the nightcap, the last forfeit in American League history.

Slacker Friday Cover of the Week: Ex-VPILF Dedication Edition

Covering, ummm, himself, actually, the late great Warren Zevon;

This one goes out to Sarah from Wasilla:

"Poor poor pitiful me /

Poor poor pitiful me /

Oh, these boys won't let me be /

Lord have mercy on me /

Woe woe is me."

When you're a baseball Hall of Famer, you can think up in-game Jacko tributes

Ken Griffey, Jr. usually wears dark batting gloves, but to mark the Michael Jackson memorial service, he only a single white batting glove (left).

At least it wasn't his fielding glove. Eww.

Cheers to the fabulous UniWatch Blog for the tip.

(And you should check out this week's UniWatch column at, counting down the worst uniforms of the '80s.)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Viral Video of the Day: Not the One that You Think

No, the rollerskating Evian babies are too easy, though cheers to them for using "Rapper's Delight" as the soundtrack.

No, the retro-soundtracked commercial I'm digging on at the moment is GE's, using overwrought Berlin:

Today's WTF Moment: Blog Statistics Edition

From the Sitemeter on my blog:

Page views on Tuesday: 87

Page views on Wednesday: 1,392

All because of my Beatles-themed anniversary post?

Any suggestions or theories?

As certain cretins say, developing...

Governmental Change We Can Believe In: Hot Topless Cabinet Ministers

The Today Show's opening this morning teased a piece about "the topless model hosting Michelle Obama around Italy," as if the two are BFFs. And then, at 7:49 -- after holding the perverted voyeuristic interested audience for all four quarter-hours -- they finally got around to the piece.

The host for the current G8 summit is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who, for a number of reasons ranging from pathetic to entertaining, is in the midst of a divorce. So, he needed a hostess for all the wives, or as our U.K. friends call them, WAGs, and picked former Italian showgirl Mara Carfagna, who he appointed to be the country's equal opportunities minister, to show the WAGs around.

The young lady apparently has modeled in various states of undress. Whoop-de-doo. Others in the political discourse, whether intentional or accidental, have done the same. As long as she does her job well, y'know?

But, ooooh, the word "topless" on morning television. How racy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: VPILF Redux

Governor Sarah Palin strikes again, saying that, swear to God, she wouldn't resign as president if the going got tough in terms of ethics inquiries, as she has in Alaska, because the White House's "department of law would. . . automatically throw them out."

No, there is no federal "Department of Law," while there is one in Alaska, so to be fair, perhaps she misspoke, as some of the governor's her wingnut apologists have suggested.

However, in order to misspeak, one must first be able to speak properly, which for Ms. Palin, is seriously in doubt. My favorite from today: "I know I know I know[.]"

Further, it appears that even some of the lady's supporters have given up:

Vote for the Good Guy Tiger

Brandon Inge is on the bubble for the American Legaue team in the All-Star game. For the stuff he's been put through (albeit while paid handsomely), you should vote to try to get him in the gam.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, I Forgot It Was Canada Day, eh?

Happy Independence Dominion Canada Day to all my northern (and a very teeny group of southern) neighbors and relatives. YouTube suggested the following video and, while I don't want to encourage them, it's timely.

Good day, ya hosers.

Jacko Tribute Non Sequitur of the Day: Who the Hell is McFly?

For every English band that successfully crosses over to the States, there's at least one that never makes the jump across the pond. I never understood Cliff Richard, Robbie Williams is still wondering what happened, and pre-packaged boy band McFly nicked a Michael J. Fox movie character for its name, and gives us our Jacko cover tribute for the day:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacko Tributre Non Sequitur of the Day: "Eat It" Edition

By clearing Weird Al Yankovic's homage of "Eat It," MJ at least had a sense of humor.

Or, thought it'd make him money.



P.S. In case you're wondering, I'm hoping to post MJ or Jacksons covers daily until the funeral.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Al Franken Wins. . . Finally

He's good enough, he's smart enough, and, gosh darn it, he's always had more recounted votes than Norm Coleman. And the Minnesota Supreme Court today confirmed it unanimously.

Mr. Coleman should now concede, as he has said, “If you ask me what I would do, I would step back."

Ah, but that was before the recounts, when Coleman led Franken.

I respect differences in political views, but politically expedient hypocrisy, that's whole 'nother matter.

Bring on the cloture, baby!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson as a cautionary tale for normal human beings

For whatever his eccentricities -- with new ones seemingly coming at a fast and furious pace -- there is a lesson to be learned from Michael Jackson's untimely death. And it's not that "grieving" fathers out on the town will pimp their new record label to anyone within earshot. (Ewww.)

No, as an attorney, I suggest that if:

. . . You have "interesting" parents. . .

. . . "Unique" siblings who often work at cross-purposes . . .

. . . You "have children" . . .

. . . You have -exes (so to speak) of one type . . .

. . . or another . . .

. . . or another . . .

. . . and they all might not play very nice after you're gone
(not unlike when you were alive) . . .

. . . and your sanity could be questioned after you've passed . . .

. . . and you'd like to prevent hassles from the above players arising after your death, then it's wise to meet with an attorney who works in the field of estate planning.

Which I happen to do.

You could e-mail me here, and we could set up a time to chat.

Non Sequitur of the Day: Today's R.I.P. Jacko Edition

Cobra Starship covers "Billie Jean":

"People always told me /

Be careful of what you do."

How long did it take before the "Michael Jackson's Dead" jokes began?

Well, I Tweeted this within a couple hours of his passing on Thursday evening.

(Yes, I know, I'm horrible.)

Then the NYT gets on the Jacko humor retrospective tip Friday evening, including some funny links dealing with his past behavior.

Of course, I'd already gotten two text jokes by that posting:

The first: "After Farrah Fawcett died, she went to Heaven, and upon arriving was asked what was her one wish for those she left behind on Earth. She replied, "Keep the children safe." Then Michael Jackson died."

The second: "What were Michael Jackson's final words? "Take me to Children's Hospital.'"

Now, before anyone gets all bent out of shape, this is a natural human reaction called "gallows humor." And whatever Jacko's many adult shortcomings (which too often eclipsed his creative excellence), I, at least, think they stemmed from his being an abused pre-adolescent who was responsible for being his family's meal ticket while working in a ethically dubious business in a morally dubious time.

When you spend your entire life trying to change the face of the "man in the mirror," and you looked like your father, you are trying to forget something bad.

Check it out:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: Today's R.I.P. Jacko Edition

"Smooth Criminal":

"Annie are you OK? /

So, Annie are you OK? /

Are you OK Annie?"

Gov. Sanford's Arc of Hypocrisy, in Graphics!

Look, dude, I don't care if you hooked up with a llama when you were in Argentina, as long as you are competent in your position and you aren't a raging hypocrite about it.

So, when you say this about your actions, comparing yourself to King David(!):

Which has begat this:

When you once upon a time said this about a fellow sinner:

You then should check out this piece about this extremely interesting graphic that indicates Red Staters "sin" (as they would define it) more than Blue Staters.

And, then, in conclusion, dear governor, you should remember this quote from the Bible: "Judge not, that ye be not judged." ~ Matthew 7:1.

I just realized why the Farrah Fawcett had such an impact. . .

. . . on males of a certain age, such as myself, with her poster.

Because we didn't know, prior to then, that women's nipples could do that.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Slacker Friday Covers of the Week: RIP Jacko Edition

Since I couldn't find my favorite cover version, here's KT Tunstall, covering "I Want You Back (Alive)":

The family, before it will fell apart:

And, finally, the famous Filipino prisoners covering the video choreography of "Thriller":

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who Knew? Foreign Policy Insight via U.K. Gossip E-newsletter

I heartily recommend the British gossip site and newsletter, PopBitch; the weekly newsletter, especially, is entertaining. However, as proof that you don't have to be ignorant of the world to also be snarkily hilarious, this tidbit came out today, which makes me wonder if this is the kind of thing you learn in the foreign service academies:

--- snip ---

>> Diplomatic stinkbomb <<

Ahmadinejad nukes himself in the foot
One of the things Iran's President Ahmadinejad is most known for in political and diplomatic circles is his B.O. He has been described to us as smelling "musty" and "like a billy-goat". Our drunk Whitehall source this week gave an interesting take on the West's attitude towards him. The Chinese are said to be appalled by Ahmadinejad's standards of personal hygiene - it offends their cultural norms. And so, despite everything - democracy, freedom 'n all that, Britain and the US don't mind him staying in power. The Chinese are not likely to give political support to somebody so weird/smelly. Which will help delay Iran getting nuclear weapons.

--- snip ---

Monday, June 22, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: Boom boom boom boom

One of the first Detroit-born-- if not the first -- popular music stars was John Lee Hooker.

He passed away yesterday in [edit:]1991 2001.

One of his biggest hits was the ultimate pissed-off girlfriend song: