Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stumbling onto a Blog Brings Two Fiunny-ish Finds

I love working and hanging with comedians: not only funny, they're typically super-smart. So, I'm happy to have found, and pass along, "The Comic's Comic" blog, which covers and comments on breaking news in the comedy world. Two of its recent articles were:

1. Comedian and cancer patient Steven Mazan plays Letterman after lobbying and working to get on.

2. Saturday Night Live cut two cast members, Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson.

When I mentioned the firings to my wife, she responded, "bet it was the big girl" (i.e. Casey).

She nailed it.

Now, as you can see from her prescient, whistling past the graveyard video below, Casey is anything but fat. But whether her appearance had anything to do with anything -- and size-ism toward women is the only prejudice still openly tolerable in America (can you imagine a woman on TV ever out of shape as Chris Farley?) -- it seems like Casey was just unable to cut through the cacophony that is the SNL creative process.

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Cristopher Boyer said...

I just never found her (or SNL, lately) all that funny, and I guess they've gotta make cuts somewhere.

That video you posted was amusing though, but I wonder if those comments were planted as part of the skit, since anybody can post that stuff. Plus one comment mentions Patton Oswaldt, only to have him show up at the end? C'mon.