Monday, December 24, 2007

Non Sequitur of the Day: #19

Christmas cookies.

"Shwetty balls."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame: Still No Fun in The D

Madonna's in. That's cool. Gotta sell tickets, y'know.

Even though the MC5 should be in, I think they're too local to make it.

But no Iggy? The Pistols and Ramones are in, but he only invented punk.


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On the Steroid Report, or Lack of Perspective is on the Juice

For everyone who is tut-tutting about how steriods have skewed the record book of baseball, or how the "steroid era" should have an asterisk beside it, I'm fine with that. The can put that asterisk in with all the other asterisks for the cheating era, the only white guys are good enough to pitch to Babe Ruth era, the uppers era, the cocaine era and the Astroturf era. Baseball is a reflection of society, and if you parse one era, you gotta parse all the other eras. Really, for baseball management to have been shocked, SHOCKED!!! by steroid use is disingenuous, while the long ball was helping restore baseball in the public's interest after their '94 lockout. Also, funny how neither McGwire or Sosa showed up on the list, isn't it? Finally, shouldn't owners during the time, who raked in the bucks generated by their players during the unprecedented home run binge, be brought to account? Go Rangers.

Non Sequitur of the Day: #17

"Fifty thou a year -- buys a lot of beer"