Monday, August 31, 2009

A Peacock Does Strut, Even Without Reason

To re-join its use of the classic Peacock Logo, NBC is starting the new season by bringing back the old positioner, too.

Even if they're abdicating five hours of sciprted creativity a week, that is cool.

A flashback taste of the future:

There Have Been Popes Named Alexander, Y'know

I touched on Ted Kennedy's human fallibility last week in the wake of his death, and suggested that true Christians -- those who don't let their politics get in their way of their "faith" -- would forgive the man in death for his human failings while on Earth.

Well, it turns out the Senator was thinking along those lines, too, by way of a letter to the Pope seeking forgiveness, which was hand-delivered by his President.

And the Pope, it turns out, forgave him.

So, Winguts: what's your excuse now?

Non Sequitur of the Day: Wanna Go to Cedar Point Edition

"Love Rollercoaster," by Dayton's own Ohio Players:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Non Sequiturs of the Day: "State" v. "Repose"

It used to be that important deceased governmental figures, like Sen. Ted Kennedy, would "lie in state" while mourners paid their respects.

Apparently, the favored MSM term has become "lie in repose."

Interesting. Perhaps when you as a media outlet have to write to an audience's sub-high school reading level, you get your jollies by sounding swanky as often as possible.

Also, the Senator will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery to join some important neighbors who lie amongst our honored fallen: his brothers, of course . . . and my father.

Slacker Friday Cover of the Week: "Can't Get No Relief" Edition

Hendrix covering Dylan at the the Isle of Wight, 1970.

"There are many here among us /

Who feel that life is but a joke."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: Kennedy Family Edition

A very cool Jack Kennedy clip reel:

Amidst Media Inanity, R.I.P. Ted Kennedy

Wearing my talk radio hat, I was lucky enough to shake hands with Ted Kennedy a few years ago, just before he got sick. (No pictures, alas.) Digesting the media obituaries regarding the late, great Senior Senator from Massachusetts, I am consistently amazed at the editorial choices which were made while covering the great man's life:

  • Amidst all the thousands of hours of wasting television "news" coverage of OJ, the Buttafucos, John and Kate and all such similarly inane crap, why did we never know Kennedy was such good friends with Republicans, like Orrin Hatch? All sorts of talking heads know enough to speak glowingly of it, but why wasn't that personal behavior covered over the years decades that our politics have become so polarized? Why couldn't that be role modeling for kids to observe on TV, instead of types like the Gosselins and the Hiltons?

  • Finally, Joe Scarborough keeps suggesting this one particular 1990 GQ takeout story on Kennedy as being a turning point in his life. Perhaps, but, Joe, was that the only magazine article you've ever read?
And, now, what a wonderful (totally memorized) coda to a great life:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is "Radio Glory" an Oxymoron, especially in Detroit?

Even with the last name mis-spelling, it's nice to be remembered fondly for my efforts -- on-air efforts! -- at 89X.

Also, FYI, the picture is scan of the original "The Cutting Edge" bumper sticker, which I've not been able to find elsewhere online and fished out of my desk drawer archives. Unfortunately, the neon orange 88.7 and Edge parts aren't showing up too well, but it's so very early '90's, no?

Some Rationalizations Are Just Evergreens

"I was just following orders."


Now, on more local scale.


In a politically divided country, this is all quite tricky and potentially sticky, looking to criminalize the actions of CIA agents when under the management of a bunch of malicious doofuses will only be further divisive.

I still think going the truth and reconciliation commission route would be the best for all concerned. Facing the truth with no political gain on the line -- even if only perceived -- would truly be Change to believe in.

Word of the Day: "Homicide" is a Medical Term?

Continuing in the "words have meaning" theme from yesterday, it has been ruled that the unfortunate death of Michael Jackson was a homicide.

Interesting, but looking up the word "homicide" on the Internets gives every indication that it is a word indigenous to the practice of law, not medicine, let alone forensics. I thought medical examiners determined what killed someone, and that it was up to the legal system to determine who, for instance, put deady chemicals into the body of a the deceased.

I have friends who are prosecutors and judges who I love dearly, but this is a teeny-tiny shift in, if not the legal burden of proof, then the war for public opinion.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Because A Loser Tool's on TV Doesn't Make Him a "Star"

The horrifying domestic violence death Jasmine Fiore is despicable in and of itself.

The coverage of the case, though the stakes are markedly lower, is in context almost as despicable on some notable levels:

1. Words mean something. So Jasmine's scumbag ex-quickie husband, Ryan Jennings, was in no way a "star," even if he was a particpant or contestant on contrived, lame-ass VH1 reality shows. And the young lady, while a model, may or may not even have posed for Playboy.

2. How exactly does someone become so unhinged that he thinks up so many ways to cover up his murder of someone he loved, instead of thinking up ways to make money other than charming a vacuous, gold-digging Playboy model in front of cameras?

3. While watching train-wreck reality shows satisfies the same voyeurism we possess when we slow down to watch a freeway accident, what exactly is it going to take to realize that putting idiot assholes (sometimes, perhaps. 'roided up) in close proximity with attractive, vulnerable women is going to create a serious, likely violent, problem?

Does not anyone remember the "Jenny Jones case" right here in beautiful Oakland County, Michigan? Or Network, for that matter?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Follow-up on My High School Journalism Class

This past Spring, mentioning the passing of my Grosse Pointe North High School journalism teacher, I noted the degree of achievement that our relatively small class achieved. Thanks to the kind cross-post by the good Prof. Mark Osler and the comments he and I received (including re-visiting the obvious "Lex was a geek") , I would be remiss to never post what I missed the first time, and what I've heard about since.

The good:
  • Tim Saunders is the radio play-by-play voice of the Philadelphia Flyers.
The not-as-good:
Life. Y'know?

How 'Bout Them Cowboys' Ground Rule Doubles in Football?

Not satisfied with being the NFL owner who (now) looks most like Katherine Hepburn, Jerry Jones pushed beyond all sense of propriety in the realm of sports' proper place in the social order (especially now in the midst of Depression v 2.0) by spending more than a billion dollars on the temple that is the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium.

Now that the stadium is open, it took all of one game for a punter to hit the TV screens hanging above the field, a problem which owner doesn't intend to fix, and which you should probably begin to think is cool.

The evidence:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Damn, I Couldn't Get A Mullet Grown In 8 Days

Last Saturday: Woodward Dream Cruise. (Right)

Tonight: Bristol night race, beeee-yotches!

Bristol under the lights is arguably the most entertaining NASCAR race -- hell, any motorsports race, anywhere -- of the year, especially in the dog days of late August.

Swear to God, it's the closest thing I know of to a real-life Rollerball:

Non Sequitur of the Day: No Drinks Before Health Care Bill Markup Session Edition

"Getting all wee-weed up."

Attempted explanations here, here and here.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Slacker Friday Cover of the Day (for Kit!): "Hollaback Boy"

This one goes out to Kit. . .

The hilarious "Hollaback Boy," by Cobra Starship:

Cutesy Grammatical MacGuffins for Recent Blog Fail Explanation

After a month-plus of doing everything -- or, from another perspective, nothing -- to undermine any reader interest or momentum in my little page here (though I was able to keep up a bit on my Twitter page), I am now able to man up and (sort of) explain WTF happened in the following fashion:

  • If a blog crashes and burns on The Internets (however temporarily), does it make a sound? Turn Catholic? Shit in the woods (or the water)?
No, the blogger in question instead recognizes that the new prescription medicine one was given to brighten one's mood instead quickly and unexpectedly darkened it dramatically, while also promptly rendering said blogger's ability to do anything work- or writing-related non-existent (other than the decidedly non-profit Twittering). Personal and professional sturm und drang und embarrassment and anxiety ensued, and after discontinuing said medication (and doing some research and proceeding more naturally), a new day has emerged, mitigation of the fallout has commenced, and it will continue.

Hey, life happens.

From my 2009 Dalai Lama quotes calendar: "When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

Bad Company should re-cut "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy" into "Game Show Fantasy"

Following are two examples of nightmares day terrors that I've been having the past week: