Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Fun: Ron Asheton R.I.P.

Ron Asheton has always been around Detroit and Ann Arbor, so we will miss his presence after his passing this week. For too long, though, our community and the rock world at large missed the presence of The Stooges: the exciting dynamic that Ron and his brother Scott uniquely had as the Stooges with one James Osterberg Iggy Pop.

When the Stooges reunited in 2003, it was somehow appropriate that their now-legendary gig at DTE Pine Knob was interrupted by an enormous regional blackout.

So, should the hugely influential Stooges finally make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the next month, that Ron would miss it is somehow, bittersweetly, unsurprising.

Check out this awesome memory:

When was the last time you looked at a YouTube video and wished you had been there?

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