Friday, December 19, 2008

Alexandra Silber: A Birmingham Songress in London Doing Quite Well, Thank You

I mentioned a few months ago about how our old neighbor on Fairway, Alexandra Silber, was working her way down the British Isle in previews for a revival in London's West End of what Time called the greatest show of the 20th century, "Carousel."

So, the show's opened in London, and the reviews are pretty uniformly great, with good being the worst. The same for Al, who is the second female lead to Lesley Garrett, who is big in the U.K. The best U.S. analogy I can come up with for her place in U.K. pop culture is if you put Beverly Sills on Broadway in her heyday -- so Dame Lesley's kind of a big deal.

This is London summarizes many of the reviews, and will sell you some tickets, too.

What's On Stage does the same.

And, finally, Alex has blogged about it a bit.

Get caught up as Dame Lesley chats up the show:

Dame Lesley and Alex and cast do a promo appearance on one of the world's most watched TV shows (which you probably don't know about), Eurovision 2008:

And a montage from opening night:

Understand, this is pretty big, and damn cool for Birmingham -- the girl's a Groves grad. Our family loves Alex Silber and her parents, and we are so proud of her, and she is going to be huge, mark my words.

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