Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear PUMAs: Please stop enjoying licking yourselves so much

To the PUMAs, the "ladies of a certain age" who are driving the "Party Unity My Ass" movement in Denver: do you realize what's at stake if you let your vanity undermine Obama and elect Gramps? No need for me to repeat Pandagon's nice take. But, please, do remember what McCain calls his wife in public.

Truly, how hardcore / "3 a.m.-ish" can you be when you can't even post the word "ass" -- which is part of your name -- on your website? "Oh, we're traitors to the greater cause, but we don't want to be vulgar or icky about it."

So, since you're apparently uncomfortable with your current name, may I suggest another acronym for PUMA? Since you probably got t-shirts and buttons printed up for Denver, how's about:

Politically Unbalanced Masochistic Also-rans ?

Voila'. You're welcome.

And be sure to try the Rocky Mountain Oysters while in Denver. I'm confident may of you are are familiar with their harvest. Cheers!

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