Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why Obama Wins Iowa? Easy as 1-2-3

1. I'd like to think that voters can tell if a presidential candidate is, aptitude-wise, in over his or his or her head, though that's not necessarily the actual case. However, Obama is clearly a smart and articulate family guy with the right policies who appears to be someone who would actually hire good people to run government who don't hate government, instead of the cronies who were supposed to be W's "grown-ups" to prop him up. And, as a recent state legislator, he's got the same "outside the Beltway" vibe as the governors we like to elect as president.

2. Though some think that Billary reaped some serious Schadenfreude with their patented Triangulation and their too-late re-branding hoo-ha of "experienced enough to change," methinks the Iowans tapped into a national zeitgeist that is not proprietary to Democrats, but belongs to anyone but the most craven, politically motivated Republican wingnut. They, and we, just don't want anymore culture clashes like the one that ended in Bubba's impeachment -- and that's not Hillary's fault that she's the hunted, it's the hunters' fault.

3. Just look at the man. President Barack Hussein Obama, a man of color, of two continents, would tell the world -- especially the Muslim and African third world countries which are terrorist petri dishes -- that America is confident enough to be back in the business of winning allies via their hearts and minds, and not by humongously botching a real-life game of Risk.

It's just too bad I can't vote for him in the Michigan primary. For me, it looks like another mischief-making McCain vote again, with a shout out to Big John Engler, Michigan's original Fat Bastard.

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