Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you live near the Great Lakes, a huge Asian Carp wants to kick your ass

After having the previous regime not even commit the financial equivalent of a decent power forward for the protection and repair of the Great Lakes from invasive species, the Obama administration has appointed an EPA czar for the region, with a half-billion of funding to fix the damage done, and prevent more damage from occurring.

The biggest threat on the horizon -- which a client who lived near a lovely mid-Michigan lake didn't know about -- is a wave of big, jumpy Asian Carp who've been working their way up the Mississippi.

And how did such illegal fish get into the Mississippi. Why, catfish farmers in Louisiana and Texas imported these floating garbage filters to clean their hatchery pens, and then they escaped during floods.

I have to think they'd heard of chicken wire down there.

And one wonders why there are southern stereotypes.

Let's hope that the much-discussed electric barrier for the Chicago River gets built, and fast, or these fellers are going to have a whole new playing field around the Mitten.

And it'd be a total buzzkill for Jobbie Nooner.

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