Sunday, May 31, 2009

For one pretty small journalism class, its teacher left a fairly big mark

I mentioned my high school journalism teacher, Richard Amberg (right), here last fall. He passed away last week.

Looking back on what was a relatively small class that produced Grosse Pointe North's student paper, North Pointe, in addition to enabling us to have many extended lunches at Big Boy, Mr. Amberg oversaw and encouraged the creativity of some people that have turned out pretty well, including:

=> D.C. chief of Associated Press, Rob Fournier;

=> Free Press film critic and teacher John Monaghan;

=> Accomplished musician and teacher, Stacia Petrie;

=> Former Detroit News reporter Rob Zieger;

=> Law professor and blogger Mark Osler;

=> Really smart computer engineer and blogger(!) Dave Giard;

=> Limousine entrepreneur, Cullen Meathe;

And, ummm, moi.

That was one staff.

Though his loss is sad, his family should be pleased and proud of what he has left behind.


Paul's Blog said...

The image or Mr. Amberg brought back a lot of memories. It just goes to show that you never really know the lives you will touch along the way.


Unknown said...

One of my best memories of high school was working on the school paper.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Lex.

Mark Osler said...

It was a pretty amazing group, then, too. I'm actually going to have lunch with Ron Fournier in DC next week-- I'll pass along the news.

Unknown said...

You left off some notable alumni:
1. Historian and Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Mark Hacala

2. Voice of the Philadelphia Flyers Tim Saunders

Lex Kuhne said...

I did not know about Mark and Tim, Dave. Thanks...sounds like a separate post idea.

Christine said...

Lex - I think Ron Forunier is now Editor of the National Journal. I saw him on Morning Joe a few weeks ago.

And by the way, all you North Pointe staffers did a great job back then.