Friday, May 15, 2009

Carrie Prejean: So Much Heat and Blather, So Little Light and Insight

I'm a bit late to the party -- for reasons to be discussed later.... always later -- but having had a friend successful in the pageant business, one thought has been nagging me about Carrie Prejean.

She has convinced herself and her new, nudity-tolerant Wingnut followers that she lost the Miss USA pageant because of the substance of her answer. But there were eleven judges other than Perez Hilton, and the one thing that struck me when the question was asked -- yes, we were watching -- was that she was horrible in how she answered the question. She looked totally unprepared for the question. For a refresher, I refer you back to my noticing a master at work -- VPILF Sarah Palin -- during the campaign.

For God's sake, you have to be in the Top 5 before the pageant even asks you to do anything other than look hot, and they do deserve re-assurance that you can handle a question in front of cameras and an audience

I sensed things were going to go bad fairly quickly, and on my Twitter in real time. Keith Olbermann had his take this week, which includes the pageant video:

Now, simply Googling "answer pageant questions" gets you this result, including these links to how-to tips here, here and here.

It's like when you fail a quiz you know that's coming, and then blame the quiz for existing.

Like I first said about her "opposite marriage" concept: oy.

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