Wednesday, April 15, 2009

As a Michigan grad, I think Bo is an outstanding name for a dog

This AP article, titled "Promises, Promises," implies flat out accuses the Obamas of breaking a campaign promise to get a rescue dog. Adorable little Bo, however, though given up on by a prior owner owner, apparently isn't rescue-y enough for AP.

It's been mentioned here and elsewhere that AP arguably has the long knives out for Dems in general and the President in particular, since their DC chief (and former classmate) Ron Fournier has been known to be John McCain's doughnut pimp. But to use the daughters' new puppy as fodder for un-sourced "conspiracy buffs" suggests that the AP is simply providing the talking points for said buffs.

The dog was a gift, for God's sake.

Perhaps the piece was tongue-in-cheek, but if so, it was too poorly written to dissuade my opinion that AP, top to bottom, is simply batshit crazy.

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