Monday, March 23, 2009

Non Sequitur of the Day: Cool ESPN Copywriting Edition

As a lover of words, I'm always fascinated about how a usage suddenly shows up in our language, seemingly out of the blue. "Going forward," "surge," "re-double" and "double down," the list is endless.

So in watching the NCAA tournament this past week, I was intrigued by the sudden and very common use of a word when referring to the progression of the bracket: "chalk," which apparently suggests just going along with the favorites. Which, to a great degree, is what has happened with the Sweet Sixteen.

So, to recap:

It's not "chalkboard."

It's not "chalk up."

It's not "chalk talk."

It's not "Rock Chalk Jayhawk."

Just. . . "chalk."

You have been warned.

Cheers to the Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator for the top graphic (and just for fun, here's Bart's chalkboard archive and Top 10 gags).

And, now, some slightly relevant video:

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