Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adventures in Batshit Politicians: Motor City Edition

James Scott was crazy, Coleman (MFIC) Young was obnoxious, but the collective insane bloc of the Detroit City Council took the cake today. While fending off the ravenous hordes of no suburban whites determined to loot the city of its "jewels" who don't care enough about the city to want anything, they took time from from manning the barricade to serenade their sycophants with "Onward Christian Soldiers," as they prepare to save Cobo Hall from a deal that gives the city millions of dollars for a dilapidated conference center and veto over its future operations.

If Monica Conyers and Barbara Rose Collins can call out Mayor Ken Cockrel, Jr. for invoking the name of his father, they must be called out for invoking the name of Our Father.

Behold the batshit craziness:

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