Friday, February 20, 2009

"There is no such thing as bad press."

Despite writing for so long, I've never really enjoyed being written about. When I wrote, I had the deadlines of a feature writer, combined with the goal of accuracy that my lawyering instilled in me. So there would typically be things in articles that I was in which could be aggravating.

The profile about me in today's Detroit Legal News, however, is great, and much appreciated. Geez, in the dead tree version, there's pics and pull-quotes and sidebars all over my own page -- the entire back page! Extremely cool. So thanks to ace newby reporter and fellow Michigan Daily alum (though she did infinitely more there than me) Taryn Hartman for the nice work.

My mother will be so proud.

(Above:) "Hey, look, it's Sir Graves' suit double."

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jonhusband said...

Congratulations, Lex .. good on ya.

Gee, you sure look like me 15 years ago ;-)