Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(Cracked) Ice Fishing to Oblivion

If you fish or hunt, I imagine you're into the whole "circle of life" thing. Kill or be killed, it's human nature to hunt, survival of the fittest, blah blah blah.

So when fishermen walk over ice on Lake Erie (or any other lake) to ice fish, they're embracing the destiny of nature: if a fish is stupid enough to bite their lure, then the fish dies. However, I also suggest that if a fisherman is stupid enough to go out onto cracked and melting ice which then breaks off and floats into the lake, he or she embrace the circle of life and get thee to swimming, instead of wimping out and hitching a ride on a Coast Guard helicopter.

And that they should then be tethered to keep them from doing it again the next day!

I imagine many of these hearty, go-it-alone, independent fisherman disdain any kind of government aid for what they would deem "stupid" behavior -- being on welfare or food stamps, needing drug rehab, or any other touchy-feely bleeding heart stuff. Sporting a parka, beard and fishing rod doesn't make them any less welfare cases.

So, let 'em float, I say. Depending on your perspective, it'd be either God's will or Darwinism.


H said...

ahah, that's just pathetic :)

should have let them swim a little...

GSJ said...

Ice fishing is just outdoor drinking in winter...I say, tell em to bring a life raft next time.