Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stephen Harper circa 2008 Channels Dubya circa 2000-present

Ummm, has anyone else noticed that our favorite only neighbor to the north is in the midst of a major constitutional crisis?

Let's see, a seemingly out-of-touch, hyper-partisan conservative leader overplays his hand, leading to widespread discord amongst the government and its populace calling for his leaving office.

This after he weaseled thru an October election, and now an unelected member of government will decide if he stays in power or goes.

Even if the timeline is a bit jumbled, does that sound somewhat familiar?

However, instead of not impeaching him, like Democrats could won't do in the U.S., the opposition parties in Canada have basically contracted amongst themselves to dump the bastard.

How very civilised and Canadian, eh? You can follow the updates here and here.

Now, I'm off to Tim Horton's.

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