Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Only Joint In this Operating Agreement is the One They're Smoking If They Think This is Going to Work

As someone who actually cared about getting the JOA approved in 1989 between the Free Press and News, and who is obsessive enough to notice that they've been breaking the law when joint publishing on holidays (instead of only on weekends), and had friends on both sides of the strike, and who was offended by Gannett basically thumbing its nose at the industry, the market and the law by buying out Knight Ridder, today's announcement that the Freep and the News are going to be home delivered only three days a week would've been a stake in my heart. . . if they hadn't already broken it into a million pieces.

Yes, the CSM is going online only, and Entertainment Weekly is reportedly thinking about it, but living in the first major metropolitan area without a daily newspaper delivery? Oy.

I'd say that they last person leaving Detroit should turn out the lights, but the bulb's been foreclosed on.

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