Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Metaphorically, Kwame and Christine Could Star in an Adaptation of "Twilight"

The Kwame Kilpatrick/Christine Beatty affair(s) wrapped up Monday, when Christine plead out. I weigh in late because, happily, I've been busy.

This whole thing has been tragic in so many ways, both personally and regionally. I'm no shrink, but I have a theory that one thing happening could've made this whole thing avoidable.

If we can stipulate that Kwame and Christine were more that "just friends" at Cass Tech, my guess is that it was probably some parental interference that kept them from getting married. Perhaps she wasn't "good enough" for the son of a Congresswoman. When led them to marry other people, but, ahem, "keep in touch."

Admittedly, sometimes when parents "know better" about love, it turns out they don't. Which creates pain . . . or a bestselling series of novels turned blockbuster.

^= "No, my fingers ain't too pudgy to text! You crazy!"

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