Thursday, November 6, 2008

A President Whose Last Name Ends In a Vowel Is Globally Attractive

I've long thought that the "War on Terrorism" would ultimately be won by winning hearts and minds around the world. Really, would we ever be able to kill every last possible terrorist who would do our country harm? Or is it better to bring into the American fold of allies the governments of where those potential bad guys live, and have those governments help us out by dealing with the bad guys?

Sort of, "fight them there instead of fighting them here." And it'd be cheaper for America, in both blood and treasure.

But, perhaps you've noticed after the French were all Americans, too, on 9/12/01, we've since lost squandered those hearts and minds around the word.

Yet, in one day, and with one election, the world sees America as a much more open and attractive and intelligent place.

Let the re-branding of America begin.

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