Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not all Racin' is as Racin'-y and Other Racin'

My boss from a lifetime ago runs Roush Racing, so that's who I root for in NASCAR. So, you go Carl Edwards. Hope you win the championship, though the "Sprint for the Cup" playoff is ridiculous. You take the top racers, start all over with 10 races to go, but keep them on the track with all the other drivers? Those "un-worthy" drivers can directly impact who wins or loses -- which, admittedly, they can do in year-long series championships. But if you really want to create tension and interest and, as they've recently decided, save money, go back to the old school IROC format. Park the non-qualifiers, and leave a certain number of the top racers alone on the track for, let's say three races. With ten cars, first place would be ten points, last would be one. No bonus points, just wins and losses. You would have insanely intense and safe driving, but with all the pylons taken out of the way.

If you don't think a season-long championship can be suspenseful, check out Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 series a few weeks ago on the last turn of the last race of the season. Pretty sweet.

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