Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mitt Romney Flip-Flops So Fast, You Can't Tell Which One of His Two Faces Is Speaking

When Mitt Romney was trying to wrest the 2008 Michigan Republican primary from John McCain, the native Michigander criticized Gramps for saying that lost jobs were never returning, and made all sorts of warm, comforting noises about he wanted to bring Michigan back.

He lost. So, now . . . PSYCH!

Apparently, what he really meant was: Screw you domestic automakers and, by extension, my fellow Detroiters who I've left behind high and dry.

Former Gov. Romney is clearly a smart guy, and, the way things turned out, he probably would've helped McCain more than Moose Mom in the general election.

Intelligence without a rational core belief system beyond malignant self-interest, however, is worthless. I think that's why his Mormonism first became an issue in his political career this campaign; people were looking for an answer to explain his constant policy whipsawing and craven opportunism and became so desperate for answers that they sought God's Elohim's intervention.

The answer, as it turns out? At least for his hometown, Romney's heart is two sizes too small.

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