Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Campbell Brown, Is This Little Enough B.S., or Do You Really Mean Absolutely No B.S. Whatsoever?

Once upon a time, when The Internets were but a series of tin cans, string, D batteries and duct tape, I gleefully forwarded around as true an article which commented on an Indiana Wingnut Congressman advocating to change the number on freeway I-69, because, you know, it connotes something else, something, ahem, grown-up.

Later on, I discovered it was bogus, felt sheepish, said so, and became a dedicated believer in the no-b.s. brilliance that is

So, in the interest of fairness and karma, we must acknowledge the reality that the source of comments making VPILF sound even lamer than she appears were a hoax by a couple of 15 minutes of fame seekers angling for a TV deal. Not that it hadn't already been figured out by a non-MSM blogger in the Spring. Even the NYT weighs in.

Remember, on The Internets, no one knows if you're a dog.

We are reassured, however, that Faux News is a joke.

So, for whatever contribution I made to the new liberal echo chamber, I apologize.

I now await similar Wingnut atonement for the mythological ridiculousness that was the hubub over Bubba's LAX shutdown haircut and Edwards' $400 haircut. I will not, however, hold my breath while waiting, because then I would then die.

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