Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toronto Needs Another NHL Team and Gary Bettman Sucks, Still

I love the city of Toronto and many people who live there. Also, any reason to read Eric Duhatschek on hockey is a good thing. So it was interesting to read that one of his long-time pet topics has quietly bubbled to life in the NHL: a second team for the Toronto area.

There's a couple of things going on here:
  • Toronto's is North America's fifth largest market and could support three NHL teams, let alone two;
So, with three markets lined up for teams -- Toronto, Kansas City (with a building ready and waiting) and Las Vegas -- and probably not wanting to add more than two teams (to total 32), do you move one or three franchises, or extort suckers sell two new franchises for upwards of $700M U.S.?

BTW, Torontonians: instead of cramming another team in the Air Canada Centre, why not put them in the Skydome Rogers Centre? You could sell out that huge building every game.

It's all very Gary Bettman-like: I shall hold you in contempt, Canada, until I require your new check cheque with many zeroes:

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