Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Hockey Moms Are Pissed, Moose Mom

Hockey moms are already exhausted, super-busy, and need a break.

They certainly don't need another mom forcing them to give her a ride without pitching in for gas (so to speak).

And, now, some are letting their feelings be known.

And, no, no pitbull's allowed in the minivan, Sarah.

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Unknown said...

Here's one for the Hockey Mom!

Buy a Hockey Mom a Coffee.

Buy a hockey mom a coffee
But don’t get in her way.
She’s a woman with a mission
She’s got kids with games today.

Don’t block her in her driveway
Loading kids and gone by five
Don’t stall with idle chit chat
When she’s got two hours to drive.

Don’t interrupt the lessons
English, Math, Geography
Learning Spanish by a dome light
With Mom driving earnestly.

‘Cause Rachel made the playoffs
Derek’s tourney starts today.
And there’s 15 loads of laundry
To be washed along the way.

So don’t distract that woman
Yes, she’s working full time too.
Maybe add a fresh baked donut
To that welcome cup of brew.

Liz Goddard © 2008