Friday, September 5, 2008

While You Sleeping (During the Speech): McCain's Speech Translated

My synopsis of Sen. McCain's speech:

"My friends, President Bush horribly screwed me and my family in 2000, then I was a 'maverick' by hating and occasionally opposing him. Then I (literally) embraced him and his policies in order to get the nomination of his and my Republican party. Now, my friends, I'm not even mentioning him in this speech and am pretending he has nothing to do with me and the party. If I'm president, my friends, I'm going to fix change everything he and th Congress that I've been in for 25 years, and which my party ran for 12 years until you kicked us out, have done over the last eight years. Really, my friends. Really."

"Did I mention I was a P.O.W.?"

"I'm John McCain. America's Mulligan."

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