Monday, September 1, 2008

JFK in Detroit, Labor Day, 1960 Presidential Campaign:


Governor Williams, the next Governor, John Swainson, ladies and gentlemen; My friend and colleague, Senator McNamara; Friday night we campaigned in Portland, Maine, Saturday at noon we went to San Francisco, Saturday night we went to Alaska; tonight we are in Detroit. We did not make that trip for pleasure. We made it because we believe it is vitally important that the Democratic Party win this election. This country cannot afford, nor can the whole free world afford, four more years of a do-nothing Republican leadership. (Applause)

I am delighted to be here, to participate in the Labor Day ceremonies tomorrow. It is a great occasion. But I can assure you that if we are successful in the election in November that the vacation for this country will be over. (Applause)

Today in The D, and elsewhere:

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