Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is VPILF a Judd Apaptow fan?

As unfortunate the situation -- made worse by mom -- here is why Bristol Palin should be part of the discourse, at least for a moment:

1. Her mother very publicly used her as a prop to try to get a promotion, in a way that put her daughter under unneeded scrutiny. Watch last week's videos -- poor Bristol's a deer in the headlights, hanging onto the cover of the baby for dear life -- and she did not have to be at a PR event;

2. Bristol and her boyfriend -- however "psyched" they say they are -- are being forced to dramatically alter their lives in an rushed fashion, arguably to help her mother's career;

3. If elections are about character, and "family values", how parents interact with use their children is on the table;

4. If you're in one of the top two slots of an organization which harshly judges other persons' sexual behavior -- whether those person are gay, or want to legally terminate a pregnancy -- then squaring how you live your live -- and raise your family -- within those policies gauges how much of a hypocrite you are.

5. As I've mentioned recently, Gramps has regularly used Chelsea Clinton as a harsh, homophobic punchline, so please, don't tell me "kids are off limits."

In short, if you live your life or run your business in a way that's working for you, then you don't need government or the rights it protects. But when it hits the fan, whether at work or at home, then, suddenly, you want to be in Sweden.

Again... hypocrites.

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