Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gambling on Language: Personal Slur Edition

I'd been thinking. . .

Odds that someone in the Obama campaign publicly refers to John McCain, like I do, as Grandpa Simpson: 1 million to one.

Odds that someone from the McCain campaign gets caught calling Barack Obama "uppity," or something along those lines: 3 to 2.

Good odds, but not a sure thing.

And then. . . the Alaskan Straight Slur Express rode into town:

The VPILF-to-be called Barack Obama Sambo?!

Really? That's so Aunt Jemima-y.

I guess what happens in Wasilla doesn't necessarily stay in Wasilla.

I don't collect on my bet. I await the uproar from the Rev. Wright accusers. But now I'm hungry; who's up for pancakes?

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