Monday, August 25, 2008

One last Olympic Post

* Welcome, New York Times, to the realization that the hosts for the Beijing Olympics are bad guys. And after such lameness a mere two weeks prior, even after they'd been put on notice.

* Do you feel redeemed? I'm not even sure they played, their schedule being not very user friendly. But, really, three cheers for Coach K.

* London's stressing about four years from now, but considering how how this one was done, and the human costs, London should count on getting a pass, so long as there's lots more Leona Lewis.

* I miss Olympic fashion fads. Roots was so good at that, until we and the Canucks sold out. There was even open animus about the Canadian duds. Can't imagine why. Oh, ummm...never mind.

* Did you hear that a pop star friend of Justin Timberlake's was going to do color on gymnastics? She was going to use her first name for everyone, except for one American competitor. She said, "My name ain't baby, it's Janet, Miss Jackson, if you're Nastia."

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