Friday, August 22, 2008

Mytholitics: McCain is a man of the people (An OT Post)

McCain not remembering -- or choosing not to be caught on -- how many homes he and his Sugar Daughter Trophy Wife own is fair game, because of the tactic that the Republicans have been playing for the last eight years, and which McCain has been using with his "Celebrity" ads. By claiming the single-parent, scholarship-educated, bi-racial lawyer from the South Side of Chicago is "elitist," Gramps implies, "Hey, White America, I'm more like you. I'm the guy you want to have a beer with." As if beer drinking is any type of qualification for Leader of the Free World.

(As for the picture, I think Cindy hurt her hand trying to beatSuzanne Whang into doing a Very Special "House Hunters" for her and Gramps, because they just can't stop buying real estate!!!) May I suggest a Realtor?

No, this isn't about anti-elitism and a multi-millionaire country club Republican trying to co-opt Joe Six Pack. It's actually anti-intellectualism, since when a minority can string together a coherent sentence, and makes his millions by actually writing one book and another (instead of letting his staff ghost it), it boils down to this: the family-connected, bottom-of-the-class, rule-breaking Midshipman Fly Boy making fun of the Egghead Brainiac, regardless of the hypocrisy practiced in judging their paths to this point in time. If anybody epitomizes the America Dream, it's Obama, creating money literally out of thin air, by crafting sentiments from his own brain people want to read and committing them to paper.

So, Obama better be afraid, because "the gloves are off," eh? Well, maybe so...if McCain can remember at which house he last wore them. So, to help, here's a travelogue of les chez McCain. Cheers to the Jed Report.

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