Friday, August 8, 2008

My mini-primer on the Beijing Olympics (an OT post)

I began loving the Olympics as a kid, before they became just another reality show. I remember watching the 1968 Mexico City Olympics in my family room with a super bad cold, and was lucky to have my parents take me to the 1976 Montreal Olympics, with "Silly Love Songs" seemingly omnipresent on the radio.

That being said, a few thoughts on these Beijing games:

* For the moral compromises the IOC made to its "ideals" in order to cash China's humongous check, it reminds me of the old saying: "Now that we know what you are, we just need to set the price."

* Check out some Team Handball late at night on CNBC or MSNBC, or online, Univision, or for those of us on the border, CBC. It's the coolest sport you've never heard of.

* I lurve me some Andres Cantor "goooooooaaaaallll" soccer calls. If you can get past the fugly U.S. soccer unis, enjoy:

* Channel 4 did a piece the other night on one of my favorite pieces of local sports trivia: Detroit was the runner-up to host the '68 Summer Olympics. (If anyone has the video, please send me a link?) In the meantime, check out this fascinating bid film the city put together, back when we were part of the First World, and had some civic hope.

* Finally, the sport that makes the Summer Olympics all worthwhile:



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