Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Modest Proposal: Re-purpose Tiger Stadium

So, it appears that Tiger Stadium is finally, maybe, circling the drain, with the bid proposals out for demolition. Not having heard much lately from the Ernie Harwell group, I ask: Why can't Tiger Stadium be the new home of the Red Wings? Gut the interior, build whatever you want on the inside, create a bunch of parking decks around the outside (all the better to capture revenue with), and you might have yourself a west anchor for development between there and Comerica Park. You could even move the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in to create some year-round revenue. There has to be a bunch of redevelopment tax incentives laying around that would make it work. A crazy idea, you say? Perhaps, but what a statement it would make. For some reassurance, check out how they built an oustanding spaceship of a football stadium inside the teeny footprint that is Chicago's Solder Field here and here and here. Discuss... or is it too late?

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Dinll said...

Detroit for the most part has to be the only city that hangs on to its ruins, without using them. I.e Train Station.

I think the Hall of Fame there would be great. The city is dying everyday, and they need things to have people at least be curious about. The casinos bring no real revenue...this could help somewhat.

Alas with a corrupt mayor and useless city government, the city will die as Tiger Stadium is about to. I am not sure anyone really cares who has the clout to do something.

Sad but true.