Friday, November 30, 2007

Bringing a Whole New Meaning to "Political Hot Air"

While I enjoy hearing some of his ideas (though not the slightly paranoid North American Union hoo-ha), and I am crushing on the Ron Paul backwards-Love logo (worked into his "Revolution" positioner, the blimp idea, IMHO, definitely falls into Wingnut-ville. Let's see Homeland Security sign off on that baby circling a few BCS games. Not.

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Dinll said...

North American Union not real? hmm maybe not, but read this:

All Ron Paul is saying is that there is talk about, and there is. There are published reports by the Council on Foreign Relations etc to want this to happen. Will it? I Doubt it...but don't discount that it is being talked about and there are those that want it.

The blimp idea is not by the campaign of Ron Paul...but by the same people that write the word LOVE backwards. His wingnut followers. Gotta love viral original marketing ideas. Not everyone can have Oprah kissing their ass.