Friday, November 30, 2007

The Baptist Minister Wasn't Conservative Christian Enough, So Republicans Had to Beg a Divorced, Tom-cattin' Hollywood Actor to Run?

People (or Republicans) who are surprised by Mike Huckabee's recent bounce in Iowa must be enormous narcissists. Huckabee's been in since the beginning of the GOP campaign, and he's always been an affable Southern Baptist preacher with a pretty good story of personal salvation (with his weight loss). Yet, the so-called Christian conservatives kept looking for a candidate, and got themselves Fred Thompson, the Tennesee Stud," divorced with a track record of being Senator PUA (aka Fred Mystery), with a trophy wife (or not) to boot. And all along they had Huckabee, from the same home town as Bubba, who used to be fat, spoke their language while really believing it, but whose name sounds too much like "Hickabee." He just didn't look good enough to them. Hello, nacissism. For God's sake -- literally -- the guy's a Southern Baptist minister who doesn't believe in evolution -- how much more Christian or conservative could you get? It makes one wonder what Republicans want -- or if they even know what they want. One thing to remember, though: vanity is a sin.

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Unknown said...

He doesn't believe in evolution? What a common yet twisted phrase...
He doesn't UNDERSTAND evolution allright.