Sunday, November 25, 2007

60 Second Prediction: U-M will not hire Les Miles

This morning's Free Press did the historical primer to the supposedly obvious conclusion: that Bill Martin will hire Les Miles as the new football coach. First, remember, all coaches have their downs and ups and downs and downs. So, to quote Mr. Spock, be careful what you wish for. Secondly, I doubt Bill Martin will hire someone from a school that is an approximate peer to U-M, which would rule out a current head coach from the SEC, Big 12, Pac 10 or Big 10; the philosophy is that U-M can find its own guy, we don't need to take someone from someplace else. And really, instead of just wanting a "Michigan man," they more importantly want someone who will become a Michigan man (like Bo and Fritz and Bennie), with no comparable past to measure it against, whether for better or for worse (which would be, ewwww, very Saban-like). Finally, Coach Miles this past week pronounced yesterday's opponent "Ar-kan-zes," instead of "Ar-ken-saw." That has kind of a John L. Smith vibe, which is definitely not the vibe anyone at U-M, in A2 or among the largest living alumni body in the world would ever buy. Remember: style is just as much a part of this job description as wins, if not more. I'm digging on Brian Kelly, myself. Go Blue.

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